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University of Hamburg


The University of Hamburg, with close to 40 000 students, is Germany's fifth largest university. There are about 850 professors engaged in teaching and research; in addition to that, the university's academic staff numbers 1800 and its technical and administrative staff, 6650. The university has 270 buildings throughout the city, but its center is the Von-Melle-Park Campus in Eimsbüttel. Students may choose from nearly 120 different subjects offered by six faculties.

The participant of the University of Hamburg is the research group TAMS (Institute of Technical Aspects of Multimodal Systems) from the Department of Computer Science (directed by J. Zhang,). TAMS has with 6 permanents and 8 PhD researchers, is dedicated to research and education in (i) multimodal sensing and representation, (ii) multimedia-based human-computer interface, and (iii) reconfigurable networked, software/hardware architectures. Recently, UHH has started a 2 Million € joint research project with Tsinghua University aims at combining different formats of media in communication, concerning cross-media interactions in complex, networked systems and architectures for more robust multimedia communications. TAMS participates in the EC IST Project Europractice with activities in adoption of advanced electronics technologies, particularly aimed at microsystems prototyping, custom design, software, mixing analogue and digital, reducing size, weight and power, etc. As a member of the EC FP6 EURON, UHH work actively in human-machine interaction, adaptive methodologies, light-weight coding of multimedia data streams. In a cooperative project with Philips Semiconductors on “Design of integrable architectures” concerning dynamically reconfigurable architectures, novel architectures have a hardware structure which automatically adapts to current requirements while the system is running. This is made possible by the new FPGA technology with built-in storage devices. Working as the system integrator of a final demonstrator in the framework of the German SFB (Collaborative Research Center) 360 “Situated Artificial Communicators”, the key persons of TAMS have accumulated diverse expertise in software architectures, real-time communication of video and audio data streams and effective coding of multimedia data. TAMS group has intensive co-operations with German and Chinese Industries such as VW, Bosch, SIEMENS China, and Chinese academic Institutions such as Tsinghua University and BeiHang University,

Participant 1 will play the central role of project manager (coordinator) in the MING-T project, which also implies leadership in workpackage WP0 (project management), and will contribute to technical work on multimedia coding and prototypes.

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