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Enensys Technologies


ENENSYS Technologies is a bright young company specializing in broadcast solutions for interoperability. Created by technical and commercial experts from the Digital TV field, ENENSYS Technologies’ product lines are "convergence oriented", aiming at the interoperability of network (IT) and broadcast equipments with a special focus on:

  • TV on mobile applications using DVB-H and T-DMB technologies (modulators, SFN adapter)

  • Video over IP using DVB-IPI technologies (IP Encapsulator).

ENENSYS Technologies solutions are the clean and direct answer to any interfacing need. The secret behind our success is compactness, ease of use and professional robustness. These products prove that it is not required to incur new operating expenses to protect your (past or forthcoming) investments.

ENENSYS Technologies is based in Rennes, the largest city in the French Brittany region with over 350,000 inhabitants. The ENENSYS Technologies office is located in the heart of the Rennes-Atalante Science and Technology Park. An impressive number of public and private research centers, universities and world leading companies in the IT and broadcast industries surround the company.

Headquartered in Rennes, France, in the heart of the MEDIA & NETWORK Worldwide Competitiveness Cluster, ENENSYS has over 50 customers located in 20 countries.

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