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BIC DigiLab Italy


BIC is the BUSINESS INNOVATION CENTRE of the Government of South Tyrol, Italy. Currently BIC DigiLab is mainly focusing on the introduction ot t-government services for the public administration. For this goal BIC DigiLab is operating a full fledged DVB-T and DVB-H platform and will act as a regional service centre for public and private companies. BIC DigiLab has also partnered with major Telecom operators in order to test optimal return channel configurations in fixed and mobile environments. On a European level BIC DigiLab has signed cooperation agreements with different institutions like CREATE-NET and Fraunhofer FOKUS Institute in Berlin.

BIC DigiLab is involved in many different projects with public and private partners on a regional level and has an excellent local network. The region South Tyrol is working hard in further implementation of a digital inclusion initiative. Together with the fact that BIC DigiLab is operating a full DVB-T/H platform constitutes an ideal framework for the testbed for our project. The task of BIC DigiLab will be to act as a research partner on the integration of DVB-T/H and DMB using the full broadcast platform. DigiLab will put its laboratory at the disposal of the project and conduct trial test beds in various environments that resemble typical project scenarios. DigiLab can deliver data about the different and ideal configurations and test bed results for the seamless integration and propagation of digital terrestrial signals in a variety of environment.

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