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Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT) is a research-oriented university with information technology and telecommunications as its main feature. It offers a wide range of subjects including engineering, management, humanities and sciences, and most of its subjects and disciplines are related to applied science and engineering. BUPT enjoys a nationwide reputation for innovation and excellence in advanced research and learning in information and communication technology. It serves as one of the most important teaching and research bases for information technology and telecommunication industry in China.

BUPT is one of the 73 Key National Universities under the leadership of the Ministry of Education of P.R.China. Founded in 1955, BUPT was originally named Beijing Institute of Posts and Telecommunications. It was the first institute of higher learning for teaching and research in the fields of posts and telecommunications. In 1993, it was authorized to rename as its present name BUPT.

Wireless Technology Innovation (WTI) Institute was set up in July 1998 and is located in the center of BUPT. WTI includes 7 labs and more than 200 researchers, WTI is one of the domestic well-known institutes in wireless communication field and an important base of researcher and engineer cultivation, Research directions of WTI mainly focus on fundamental theories and applications in wireless communications, exploration and realization of key technologies, standardization of mobile communication systems, and development of mobile communication commercial products. The research fields of WTI include the key wireless technologies of 3G and B3G, covering PHY layer, network layer, service environment, system optimization, demonstration system, etc. Meanwhile, WTI actively exploits the new thoughts of the transformation of research fruits, and bends itself to the exploitation of the mobile communication products for commercial usage, the industrialization of which is currently in a considerable scale.

BUPT is cooperating widely with governments, operators and manufacturers in the field of broadcast communication and wireless communication, and has tremendous impact on these fields in China. Having taken part in PARTAKE, BUPT has gained much knowledge on DVB-H. From E2R, BUPT has had acquaintance with the working pattern of European partners in the course of a technological cooperation. BUPT also has joined INSTINCT2. Although this project was not funded by the EU, lots of preliminary preparation has been done, such as literature reading, research investigation, preparation for DVB-H platform setup, etc.

Together with these facts, the task of BUPT will be to act as a research partner on extending a service platform that supports multistandard integrated network convergence for global mobile and broadcast technologies, specifying and implementation of the ESG process on one terminal. BUPT will put its laboratory at the disposal of the project and conduct trial test beds in various environments that resemble typical project scenarios.

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