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China Telecom (Beijing Research Institute)


As a national main-body telecom enterprise and China's largest basic telecom network operator, China Telecom owns the worlds largest fixed- line telephone network that covers the whole country of China and its services can reach each corner of the globe. With its member units in 31 provincial (provincial, municipal and autonomous regional) regions, China Telecom operates telecom services nationwide.

China Telecom is controlled by the central government of China and is an experimental state holding corporation of that the investing channels are subject to approval by the State Council, and its registered capital is 158 billion yuan. Currently, China Telecom is mainly operating: various kinds of domestic and international fixed- line network infrastructures, including local wireless loops; voice, data, image, multimedia and information services relying on the said networks; conducting accounts settlement that is relating to international telecom services and exploring overseas telecom market. China Telecom is also operating the following which are relating to telecom and information services: system integration; technological R&D; technical service/advice; information consultation; advertising and publishing; equipment production, sales, import and export; project design and implementation. China Telecom can operate other services required by the market but the operation is subject to approval or permission by the state.

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