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2007 Goettingen Meeting

General information about the 2nd MING-T project meeting in Göttingen, July 2-3, 2007. 



The meeting will take place in the historic picturesque town of Goettingen, Germany. The venue itself will be located in the university's Sternwarte (the place where Prof. Dr. Friedlich Gauss worked and lived) near the new city hall. For more details have a look on the map below.

Meeting Location

The address:
    Uni-Sternwarte Pavilion
    Institute for Informatics / Computer Networks Group
    Geismar Landstr. 11
    37083 Goettingen


Arrival by plane
Various airlines fly into Frankfurt/Main, and Hannover.
After you have landed you need to take a train to get to Göttingen. We will scan the related train time table for your convenience.
For further info on train time-tables, please have a closer look at "Arrival by train". The time from the airports to Goettingen is about 2 hours (from Frankfurt airport), 1 hour and 10 minutes (from Hannover airport).

Arrival by train
Information and time-tables on travelling by train can be found at the German Federal Railways. (Very useful info!)
When getting to Goettingen by train you will arrive at the Goettingen central station.
Leave the central station at the front entrance. At the areaway you have access to public transportation and taxis.

Arrival by car
When coming by car to Goettingen, please use motorway exit "Goettingen-Nord" or "Goettingen".
A detailed street map is provided here.

Please note:
For departure times check the time table of the German Federal Railways.

We suggest the Eden Hotel (see its location from the map above), which is close to the meeting place and the city center. The price is around 60-100 EURO/night.

Social Programme

We have arranged a social programme for participants who would like to get to know Göttingen and its town history as well as the university's history a little closer.

Before the meeting starts, our plan is to offer a tour on Sunday around 12:30 pm, heading for the Wihlemshoehe Palace in Kassel, which will last around 3-4 hours altogether. Please let us know as soon as you decide to join or not, so that we can arrange it.

On Monday evening at 7:00 pm we will invite you to a dinner at the historic Rathskeller. Before that we offer a guided tour through the exhibition hall of the Pauliner Church, the State and University library and the University Aula, which will all last approximately 20 to 30 minutes. Afterwards we will be glad to invite you for a meeting with the president (or his representative) of the university around 20-30 minutes, then go to dinner. We will make a further notice once we get further details.

We will be more than happy to welcome you at all of these events and is looking forward to making your stay in Goettingen as pleasant as possible.

Prof. Dr. Xiaoming Fu, Tel/Fax: (+49)551-39 14411/14403, email: fu a
Ms. Annette Kadziora (secretary), Tel/Fax: (+49)551-39 14696/14415, email: kadziora a

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