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2007 Chinacom Slides
A special session on "Digital Broadcasting and Mobile Convergence" was organized by the MING-T project and took place as part of the ChinaCom 2007 conference on Aug. 23, 2007. Please visit the ChinaCom 2007 conference website for further details and the conference proceedings.


A total of eight papers were presented during the special session. This page collects the presentation slides, with permission from the authors as discussed during the conference. For the corresponding actual papers, please browse the ChinaCom proceedings CD-ROM or visit the IEEExplore library.


SS1.1 - Multistandard Integrated Network Convergence for Mobile and Broadcast Technologies, Norman Hendrich and Jianwei Zhang: ppt pdf

SS1.2 - The SAMBA Approach to Community-based Content Generation in Interactive Digital Television, Oscar Mayora-Ibarra, G. Costa: ppt pdf

SS1.3 - A Joint EU-China Roadmap for Mobile Multimedia Industry: the Priliminary Results, Xiaofeng Ma, Jian Xiong, Lin Gui, Chen Liu, and Wunjun Zhang: ppt pdf

SS1.5 - A Survey of Digital TV Standards in China, Roland Burger, Giovanni Iacovoni, Cliff Reader, Xiaoming Fu, Xiaodong Yang, Wang Hui: pdf


SS2.1 - Scalable Video Transmission Strategy with Subflows Division over OFDM Broadcasting / IEEE802.11e Wireless Network, Jingyuan Wang, Lifeng Sun, Shiqiang Yang: ppt pdf

SS2.2 - An Initial Study on the Convergence of DVB-H and DTMB in the Physical Layer, Feng Yang, Jian Song, Changyong Pan, Hui Yang, Kewu Peng, Jun Wang, Zhixing Yang: ppt pdf

SS2.3 - PLC as a Return Channel for Interactive Digital TV: Eduardo Ibanhez Polo, Andre Riyuiti Hirakawa, Moacyr Martucci Junior: ppt pdf

SS2.4 - Mobile TV Extension of WiFi Networks for Location-Dependent Services, Yun Tao Shi, Sinan Shang Guan, Jun Li: ppt pdf

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